At one time I had a site to be proud of, on which you could download or print my scores, mostly for free. What happened?

Remember the story of Pharma Bro? The jerk who outrageously inflated the price of critical medications? The story of Avid and Sibelius is similar, only it’s about music so nobody noticed or cared.

In about 2001 I started using Sibelius, because it was away and beyond the best scoring program I had ever tried. Spectacularly easy to use, yet with all of the major functionality one needs for beautiful profesionnal scores. A true original, developed with obvious enthusiasm and creativity.

Then in about 2012, a company called Avid was floundering financially, and decided to execute a hostile takeover of Sibelius. They proceeded to fire all of the original developers (the biggest expense) so they could simply rake in the money from the product they had nothing to do with developing. Stealing credit and financial profit that they did not deserve, while harming all of the musicians (many famous ones) who were relying on Sibelius for their work. Improvements obviously came to a standstill. Corrupt and cynical at every level.

For more on the story, see this article on

For reasons that should be obvious, I am not willing to license the latest version of Sibelius. The problem is, the version I’m using now doesn’t export PDF’s, so unless you have Sibelius you can’t view the scores.

On top of that, Avid has revamped the scoring site, putting ugly watermarks and adding a price tag to everything that was formerly free. NOTE: they have never paid me a dime.

For that reason, I will be discontinuing this site. Many apologies! I would like for my scores to be available for free.